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          • 國宴刀叉
          • LEON 全金系列
          • LEON 黑金
          • LEON 全黑
          • LEON 白金


           銀貂    擁有世界先進的鍛造和精磨設備,產品經鍛造,高精度拋光和超聲波清洗等多道工藝后精心制作而成.品質達到國內一流水平.產品線條流暢,符合人體工程學,叉齒平整,打磨圓滑;叉縫拋光細致.得廣大客戶喜愛。

          Indio is a factory with more than 400 employees, specialized in  Stainless Steel knife and fork, spoon of all sorts. Output is more than 130 million piece each month. For the past years, we provide OEM for International Brand with high quality products. Welcome customers worldwide to contact us.

          Our products are made of advanced stainless steel 18-10.  non-stick oil,elegant,durable&environmental,no black and  deformed. The design is beautiful, with handles lightly raised, nice and convenient for hand-holding. This is the best choise for daily  use,travel,camping and gift.